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Home Health Care Products

  1. Braces
  2. Air Casts
  3. Boots
  4. Compression Therapy
  5. Mobility Aids
  6. Bathroom Safety
  7. Daily Living Needs
  8. Bathroom Safety – products include grab bars, bath seats, raised toilet seats.
  9. Incontinence – a full selection of management products
  10. Ostomy Products – for ileostomy, colostomy and urostomy patients
  11. Diabetic Products – a complete selection of blood glucose monitors
  12. Compression Therapy Products – prescribed for the phlebitis and varicose veins
  13. Braces – a wide selection for the wrist, ankle, knee, elbow or neck
  14. Back & Neck – ObusForme, cervical rolls and pillows
  15. Wound Management – an extensive range of wound care dressings and skin care products
  16. Pain Management – Magnetic therapy products and positioning aids

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Specializing in lymphedema and mastectomy products as well as fitter for braces, and Specialist for all Home Health Care issues.

Retirement Homes, Nursing Homes, Seniors Residences, Non Profit Groups 

If you have any questions about a particular product or would like to place an order, please contact the pharmacies below and one of our staff members will assist you.

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Phone: 519-979-3555

KATRINA DUROCHER, Certified Fitter

Avoiding FALLS!

In our youth and middle age, we are constantly on the go. We carry small children and heavy groceries in our arms, climb counters to reach high shelves, run downstairs to answer the door, and rush around the house doing chores. When we’re young, it’s all easy, effortless and done without a second thought to health and safety. As an older adult, some of these same everyday tasks are much more difficult and can even put us at risk of an accidental slip or fall, which can cause severe injuries. Accidental falls are

One of the most serious health problems facing seniors today!

Some Quick Facts

  • Every year, one in three of us, age 65 and older will fall and experience the pain of hip fractures, head injuries and even early death.
  • At least one-third of all falls in the elderly involve environmental hazards in the home.
  • The risk of falling increases with age and is greater for women than for men.
  • 66% of those who experience a fall, will fall again within six months. Among these alarming statistics, there is some good news! Falls are, for the most part, a preventable health problem.

Exercise: Many of us are not as physically fit as we’d like to be. Whether you’ve been involved in sports

And fitness your entire life, or are just starting now on the advice of a doctor, it’s important to progress at your own pace and ability. Being active can help you look better, feel better, reduce your risk of a fall or other injury and stay independent

Your community

Seniors are making the most of their leisure time with skiing, hockey, golf, swimming or spinning classes to stay healthy. Here’s just a few of the activities you can participate in to stay healthy.  These activities are as simple as walking, climbing stairs, gardening, shopping, fitness classes, swimming, Tai Chi, Yoga, water aerobics, golf, skiing, hockey, tennis and strength training.

All older adults should strive to exercise regularly for at least 30 minutes per day, in Intervals of 10 minutes or more at least three times per week.

Nutrition: The older we get, the more important it is to make good food choices that keep our minds sharp, our energy levels high and our bodies strong. If you’re not getting enough food, or enough of the right vitamins or nutrients in your food, this can result in bone loss, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis—all of which increase your risk of falling. Consulting with a local Nutritionist can guide you to healthier eating habits.

Tips for Safe Medication Use

  1. Keep a list of all your prescription and over the- counter (OTC) medications.
  2. Take your medications as labeled, whether prescription or over-the-counter.
  3. Dispose of expired medications properly, speak to your pharmacist.
  4. Remember to monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, or blood sugar at home
  5. Report any side effects of your medication to your doctor.
  6. Avoid excessive Alcohol.

Eye-care Tips 1-Schedule regular visits with your optometrist and/ or ophthalmologist. 2-Apply brightly colored tape or stickers on the balance-aiding objects in your home (e.g. grab bars and handrails). 3-In your home, add contrasting color strips to the first and last steps on your staircase to identify changes of level. 4- Clean eye glasses often to improve visibility. 5-Consult your doctor or an optometrist with any questions about your vision. The easiest way to reduce your risk of injuries is to “fall-proof” your home as much as possible.  A cluttered, poorly lit home is an accident waiting to happen.

General Safety Tips

  1. Remove loose rugs or secure them with slip resistant tape,
  2. Increase the lighting in your home.
  3. Install Night Lights.
  4. Keep floors clear of telephone, computer and electrical cords.
  5. Avoid leaving objects on the stairs.
  6. Install an additional handrail so that you have a handrail on both sides of the stairs.
  7. If you prefer showers to baths, consider using a bath seat with a handheld shower, and mounting grab bars.
  8. Do NOT climb chairs to reach upper cabinets and shelves. Instead, use a step stool, ideally one with an attached handrail for extra support.
  9. Keep walkways and stairs around the house, free from cracks, holes and obstructions.
  10. To avoid falling on ice, keep both feet flat and pressed to the ice. Shuffle one foot forward in the direction you want to go followed by shuffling the other foot in the same direction.

We feel the more you know, the better prepared you will be to take action to prevent a fall, and to react safely and calmly to get the help you need if you do fall. As part of your health care team, it’s an important part of our mission to help you get the information you need to stay independent, safe, and steady on your feet!